1. Audio: Benin City - Baby


    The first official single from Benin City - who you may have found gigging throughout the UK capital over the past year or so - and it’s an absolute gem.

    You’ll recognise the rhyming talent of LV collaborator Joshua Idehen sprinkled amongst the atmospherics, but it’s the tension and final release of the players here that really make this track special. Released via Audio Doughnuts in late May/June.

  3. Aaron Sorkin. He’s back.

    Oh my God, so much yes.


  4. Is your home dull? Of course it is. But never fear, my sister-in-law is here with a blog about beautiful things you should obviously buy immediately.

  5. The story of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, and how it was found in the world’s most awesome bookshop. The film is by Temujin Doran, who I used to work with at the cinema in Islington - check out his other stuff here: http://vimeo.com/studiocanoe

    He’s really very good.

  6. I love Sia. I loved her when she did beautiful, sad songs. Now she’s like… happy and stuff. And doing tracks with David Guetta, would you believe. Anyway. This is a happy song for a sad September, and the video is cute, funny, and rock solid awesome. Watch.

  7. What robots talk about when humans aren’t around. Computer scientists at Cornell plugged in two chatroom bots to get them to talk to each other. And the result is… well. By equal measures terrifying and hilarious.

  8. More structures should be fashioned in the shape of oversized domestic objects. A diving board in the shape of a tennis racket. A traffic light like a lolly. A tube station that looks like the inside of a can of baked beans.

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  9. 'The Adventures of a Cardboard Box'. A lovely lovely film that my pal Temujin Doran entered to the Nokia Shorts contest. Watch it and love, friends.

  11. …and speaking of lifts, here’s an awesome short film about one. Incredible.

  12. A farewell from the always awesome stickersonthecentralline You will be sorely missed.

    If you haven’t caught my numerous re-bloggings of these awesome little bits and pieces, go back and look right now. A simple idea carried out with style and aplomb.

  13. Remember that U2 video where Bono was really sorry and got Boyzone and some firemen to apologise? Well this is better for several quite obvious reasons.

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  15. Words cannot describe how much I want this rug.