1. An eclectic collection of writers from very different genres, talking about how they write and why. Screenplays, comedy, novels, poetry, journalism - there’s lots of good nuggets here, and something for everyone.


  2. Seriously - lose The Killing and keep Snog Marry Avoid? What are they THINKING? It’s the best channel ever. Here’s why.


  3. I know, I know, everyone is posting these articles reacting to the riots. No matter how many of them we read, we’re probably not going to come up with a diagnosis. But humour me. This is an article about class - something we don’t like to talk about, and that we really probably should, riots or no riots.


  4. Information is Beautiful: the Sunscreen Smokescreen

    Practical, beautiful and interesting: the facts of UV and sunscreen done by Information is Beautiful.


    How much suncream should you wear, when should you apply it and for how long? Information is Beautiful’s David McCandless looks at the facts


  5. Why films either ‘suck’ or they’re ‘cool’

    From the Guardian this week comes a piece of interesting comment about how we judge films. Why do we do it? And why so black and white? The article is specifically about movies, but I think it applies as much to music, theatre, food and pretty much anything else we feel required to rank.

    Star ratings may be massively popular, but since when did liking or not liking become the standard by which a film should be judged, asks Anne Billson

    (via guardian)


  6. This is very interesting. Iceland considers making smoking completely illegal, with cigarettes only available on prescription from doctors to addicts who cannot kick the habit.