1. Because of a really exciting project I’ve been involved with lately, I’ve been travelling what feels like the length and breadth of the country by train. This photo was taken when I went to visit my brother in Wales. Distance is completely relative, but having covered several thousand miles in a few days, the idea of Shrewsbury being the final frontier really does curl a smile out of my lips. Having gone pretty much everywhere this past month, the UK has never felt smaller.

  2. martinskelly:

    Loved this exhibit in the science museum - haunting effect from lot’s of LCD screens hooked up to a live feed of the internet by Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen. They set out to represent what the internet sounds like. 

    “Listening Post is a ‘dynamic portrait’ of online communication, displaying uncensored fragments of text, sampled in real-time, from public internet chatrooms and bulletin boards. Artists Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin have divided their work into seven separate ‘scenes’ akin to movements in a symphony. Each scene has its own ‘internal logic’, sifting, filtering and ordering the text fragments in different ways. By pulling text quotes from thousands of unwitting contributors’ postings, Listening Post allows you to experience an extraordinary snapshot of the internet and gain a great sense of the humanity behind the data. The artwork is world renowned as a masterpiece of electronic and contemporary art and a monument to the ways we find to connect with each other and express our identities online.”

    (via Listening Post - Science Museum Arts Project)